Brecht Goyvaerts | SBC


Paris Police 1900

Directed by Julien Despaux, Frédéric Balekdjian, Fabien Nury

Produced by Tetra Media & Canal

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Directed by Eva Cools

Produced by Lunanime


Directed by Mathieu Mortelmans

The Day

Directed by Gilles Coulier & Dires Vos

Produced by FBO/Telenet/Woestijnvis/VIER

Millionaire « Im not who you think you are »

Directed by Jonas Govaerts

Produced by Czar

Black Spot

Season 2

Directed by Thierry Poiraud & Julien Despaux

Produced by EGO Productions & BEfilms

Tabula Rasa

Directed by Jonas Govaerts & Kaat beels

Produced by Caviar

Dag vreemde man

Directed by Anthony Schatterman

Produced by Raised by Wolves

Generation B

Directed by Pieter Van Hees

Produced by deMensen

Highway of Love

Directed by Pieter van Hees & Frank Devos

Produced by deMensen


Directed by Jakob Verbruggen & Maarten Moerkerke

Produced by Menuet

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion « Black Mold »

Directed by Toon Aerts

Produced by Czar